Our Story

The Bee Lady Apiaries is a family-owned business founded in 2008 by Corinne Jordan.
Initially motivated by the need to provide sustainable future employment for son Kyle but guided by a passion for honeybees developed over the years into a small business with some incredibly unique features.

Primarily we focus on breeding healthy robust bees with ability to resist diseases, while maintaining productivity and docile nature.

This is achieved by maintaining a selection of some of Australia best honeybee stock and constantly improving through insemination and testing the resulting daughter queens for desired traits. Insemination is a highly specialised skill to which we also provide training, mentoring and contract services.

Australian hobby beekeepers really enjoy working with our gentle natured ‘Golden Italian Bees’. Whether its queen bees or nucleus hives along with constructive advice, this boutique business prides itself on providing personalised service of a high standard.

Queen Breeding is primarily a non-migratory activity conducted in a specific area. We operate from sites around Carbrook, Mt Cotton and Redland Bay and are always on the lookout for additional suitable breeding sites. If you believe you can help in that area, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Specialised Queen Breeders are a small but particularly important aspect of the beekeeping industry. Beekeepers rely on access to queens bred for honey production and disease resistance to be able to maintain productive beekeeping operations, ensuring our food security and contributing 19 billion dollars in value through pollination of food crops.

Meet the Team

Corinne Jordan

Apiary Manager Trainer

Tony Ivers

Honey Extracting Maintenance & Deliveries

Kyle Jordan–Ivers

General hand,

Sales Assistant

with Panda – the friendly farm dog.